Dog Aggression Toward Its Owners

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Dog Aggression Toward Its Owners

A dog that growls at and/or bites its owner does so for some reason, even if the
behavior appears "unreasonable" to the owner. A complete medical
examination, including tests for hormonal balance, neurophysiologic function and
allergies, may reveal the underlying cause.

This has been especially helpful in dogs that have swings in mood. When
growling or biting has erupted as a consequence of scolding or punishment for
such behavior as chewing, jumping, general unruliness, or overprotection of food,
these problems must be treated at the same time the program to correct
aggression is initiated.

The Owner's Actions Owners must understand that their dog growls or bites at
them as a result of defensive feelings. Even the dog that growls when ordered
off the couch is reacting defensively, as it feels its dominance status has been
threatened. If scolding and punishment provoke aggression, the dog is reacting
to a perceived threat to its physical safety. In either of these situations, the
owner's threatening behavior is producing negative results.

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