Some very easy Dog training tips

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Some very easy Dog training tips

If your dog does what you want him to do then it is important to offer rewards and praise. There are actually some things you can buy that can be used as a dog training aid, and some are more effective than others. Choke collars and chains are discarded by dog training experts because to them they are not only abusive but totally ineffective. However, a good bond and a stiff collar can be as effective dog training aid for dogs, they usually respond to its owner when given a slight tug. Most dogs just love the moment they are approved and prep, and also love having toys to play with. A final word to say about the bathroom habits of a dog and hygiene. The shampoo you use must meet the requirements to become a dog shampoo, not the ordinary people shampoo or conditioner and will help facilitate the activity of combing later.

All dog owners know how difficult it can be to train your dog, and although on one hand your favorite pet is keen to please you, on the other hand they do not always understand what it is that you want from them. This can I know at times be very frustrating, but before you think about giving up let us consider some things that can help you.

When your dog does what you want her to do it is essential that you offer reward and praise. Don't just resort to punishment when they do something wrong, but reward them when they do it right. Dogs love it when we give them our full attention and approval, and they will do all they can in order to get it. For instance, if you want him to go to the toilet in a certain place then reward them when they do, in fact, go over the top with your praise. This positive reinforcement is vital to your success in getting your dog to do what you want.

There are some actual items you can purchase that can be used as dog training aids and some are more effective than others. Choke collars and chains are being discarded by dog training experts as not only abusive but downright ineffective. However, a good leash and a sturdy collar can be counted as dog training aids because dogs will respond to their owner when he gives them a slight tug. This shouldn't be anything that would hurt the dog, just a gentle reminder of how she needs to respect a stranger's boundary, when she needs to stop barking, and so on.

Some may also want to add a muzzle to their list of dog training aids, but these should be used sparingly and only in certain situations. Some dogs just will not stop barking no matter what you do, and keeping in mind that barking is just a part of their instinct the way humans have an instinct to talk to one another, an owner may not be able to do anything other than muzzle their dog when she's out in the yard or if the dog is kept in an apartment where the neighbors may be bothered.

Another weapon in your arsenal of dog training aids is the good old fashioned grooming brush. Most dogs just love the time when they are groomed, and they also love having a toy to play with. Give them a chewy top and you will keep them happy for hours, and they won't be looking to chew the furniture or get up to mischief. Another basic aid is you, yes, you’re playing with your dog is not only great fun for both of you, but it will make sure that he or she has little energy left to get into trouble. It does not cost anything to play, so make sure you do.

A final word to say about bathing your dog. They can be trained from an early age to enjoy this providing you use the right equipment. The shampoo that you use needs to be dog shampoo, not human shampoo, and a conditioner is helpful in order to making the combing activity easier later. Have a good size towel handy, and if necessary a leash in order to restrain them. You can make this an enjoyable activity for both of you providing as I said earlier, you start at an early age.

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